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Get Active Get Healthy

Daman believes everyone can live a healthy lifestyle, young or old. Therefore we believe we should not only insure your health, but we help you ensure it. Daman wants to help you discover those exercises, activities or sports that no excuses can stop you from taking part in. Read on and start your journey to healthier living.

Daman Local Heroes

Another great initiative on our road towards a more active community! We bring you Daman Local Heroes, a movement in the UAE inspiring everyday people to share their passion for sports! With a wide variety of fitness sessions run by our Daman Local Heroes, we want to ensure everyone has access to free, fun and educational sessions.


Exercise, we all know we should be doing more, but we’ve all become very good at finding excuses. Daman understands this, after all it’s perfectly normal to put off things that seem difficult, time consuming, or boring. However, we want to help you to #EndTheExcuses.

ActiveLife by Daman

Since 2013, ActiveLife by Daman offers free to attend weekly fitness events and activities that address the wellness and fitness needs of not just families and communities, but also corporates. Participants can choose from a range of events and gain access to unique destinations across the UAE such as Yas Marina Circuit, Dubai Autodrome, and many more.

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