High-Risk Maternity Management Programme

The High-Risk Maternity Management Programme is a tele coaching programme that provides support and care throughout pregnancy, helping to achieve a healthy pregnancy for the mother and baby.

Through integrated educational and behavioural changes, we empower members to improve their overall health and avoid complications during and after pregnancy.

As part of the programme, the participant will receive monthly coaching calls from a qualified personal health coach, over the course of the year. Through the coaching journey, different educational topics are covered, including:
  • Recommended antenatal tests
  • Healthy pregnancy diet
  • Recommended weight gain
  • Exercise and physical activity
  • Medication and supplements
  • Pregnancy-related problems
  • Oral health and sleep hygiene
  • Physiology of pregnancy
  • Partnership in pregnancy
  • Stress management
  • Pregnancy-related diseases
  • Labour and birth
  • Options for post-term pregnancy
Eligible group
  • Moderate and high-risk pregnant Thiqa and Enhanced members.

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