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Frequently asked questions
Summer Travel Insurance Plan

If you claims falls below AED 15,000, you can file your claim online (on the website only) and in Daman’s branches. If your claim is AED 15,000 or higher, please file it at one of our branches.

  • Original claim form
  • Copy of your E-ID
  • Original itemized invoice with service date
  • Original prescription for medication
  • Investigation results and/or reports (lab tests, x-ray etc.) should be attached for procedures exceeding AED 1,000
  • Additional Requirements for Inpatient and Day Care (Hospitalisation Cases): Original Medical Report and / or Discharge Summary stamped and signed by the treating medical practitioner and health care provider. 
  • Proof of travel ( boarding pass, flight tickets etc.) 

You must submit your reimbursement form to Daman within 180 days from the last treatment date for services availed outside of the UAE.
Resubmission/Appeal of Reimbursement Claims - in case you disagree with a partially paid or rejected reimbursement claim, you have the right to appeal the decision. You can resubmit your claim with the supporting document(s)/justification(s) within 180 calendar days from the date of notification of partial payment or rejection. 

Reimbursement of claims will be finalized within 15 days after successful submission of all required documents.

Kindly contact the Customer Service team in case of any questions about your claims: 

+971 2418 4888

After your claim was rejected because of various reasons, you still have the chance to resubmit your claim, adding missed out documents or new crucial information. Please contact our Customer Service: +971 2418 4888.

The TAT on claim reimbursement will be 15 days

Yes every UAE resident with a valid Emirates ID is eligible.

Yes, you can apply, but coverage will be applicable 1 day after application. It will not cover a medical emergency before the policy effective date.

This is a promotional offer and therefore cancellation is not allowed. If you do not travel, the premium will not be refunded. The actual travel date should be within the 90 days period (inception and expiry date) selected at the time of purchase of your policy. 

The  coverage is for 90 days from the policy effective date selected by customer and applicable for a single trip only. Any treatment starting after the expiry date of policy is not covered. 

Yes, you will be covered for all medical expenses until your state is stabilised and you are fit for travel.

"Emergency" - The acute onset of a medical or surgical condition manifested by acute symptoms of sufficient severity, including pain, that the absence of immediate treatment at health facility could reasonably be expected to result in placing the patient’s health or bodily functions in serious jeopardy or dysfunction of any body organ or part.

Any expenses arising due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or abortion is not covered under your plan exception any emergency treatment required due to accidental injury. 

Only emergency dental treatment is covered under your plan.
Example: to relieve immediate pain only 

Yes, Your plan offers coverage for Medical Evacuation. In case of an emergency if required, you will be transported by the most appropriate mode of transport to the nearest healthcare facility where appropriate medical care is available. Please contact emergency assistance service provider at +971 2 418 4888 and they will arrange for the same.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions is limited to medical emergency only. Any further treatment after your condition is stabilized is not covered in case of pre-existing condition.

No, medical emergency treatment while travelling in the UAE is not covered.

No, repatriation to the UAE is not covered.

In case of emergency, 
a) Call an Ambulance
b) If you don’t have the ambulance number, call on international assistance company on +971 2418 4888

For an insured member, in cases of medical necessity at the recommendation of the treating doctor extra charges for the room for one companion accompanying the insured member in hospital will be covered up to a maximum limit as described in Schedule of Benefits. This benefit can be availed on reimbursement basis only.

Emirates ID and mobile app

We will stop printing cards gradually by the beginning of 2018. The Emirates ID card will become the only document that qualifies members to access healthcare services at providers under Daman’s network. Daman members can also use the Daman mobile App to access services at providers.

Yes, all of Daman members will be able to use their Emirates ID and the Daman app at medical facilities under Daman network. Daman app will give you access to features on the move such as your policy number, health plan, schedule of benefits and nearest providers.

When you visit health providers in your network you have an option of providing your digital card number in the app or your Emirates ID as Daman has trained the health services providers on using a secure online platform where they can match the Emirates ID number with the member’s health insurance file that is available in Daman data base.

You can do so by downloading Daman app where you can have access to your policy number, health plan, schedule of benefits and access to the providers or alternatively email us your Emirates ID card copy and policy details on

No they are not linked. Each must be renewed separately.

No it will not. We use your Emirates ID number to check if you have valid health insurance coverage. Healthcare providers however may reject admission if your Emirates ID card is expired.

It is recommended that you download & register to the Daman mobile app. The Daman app provides you your health insurance details, including your Daman Enhanced card number. Daman members who have international emergency coverage need to contact the number via the app and provide the Emirates ID number for emergency medical assistance.

  • MENA Region: In Patient and Outpatient services – please share your electronic card and EID with the provider that offers direct billing in the network.
  • India: Only in patient, elective treatment is covered on direct billing. Please contact the provider, as per the website, and provide your Emirates ID number.
  • International Providers, excluding MENA: The member needs to approach Daman International assistance services 5 days prior to availing the treatment. Daman team would validate the member and provide necessary approvals for the treatment to be carried out at the selected provider. For any enquiries, please email


The service is available for use in any provider across UAE in the Daman Network as per your plan. You can also use the Daman app to check and/ or search for an in-network healthcare provider near you.

We will stop printing cards gradually by the beginning of 2018.

Daman processes allows you to just present a copy of your Emirates ID card or show your Daman digital card (through the Daman App) to the provider to avail medical services. But the network provider may insist for a valid Emirates ID card before accepting a patient.

Daman will continue printing cards for its members who have not yet received their Emirates ID cards.

We recommend that you download the Daman app as it has all of your insurance details. If you or the healthcare provider have the Emirates ID card’s copy or its number, they can check our system if you are eligible for coverage using the number. However, healthcare providers may need to see another form of valid identification document, so it is advisable that your carry your passport or UAE driving license.

Upon enrolment or renewal; Member will receive an SMS with the policy number. Use you Emirates ID to register in Daman mobile app and you can also use the same registration details on the website.

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