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With medical insurance comes queries of all sorts. But rest assured, we'll help you find answers to the most commonly asked questions, from coverage to claims.

Frequently asked questions

Health care can be quite complex at times - there’s no question about it. You’ll find answers to commonly asked questions here.

Download forms

Checklists, forms and applications. If you still prefer filling them up and visiting our branch, please download all documents relevant to your new or existing policy from this section.

Membership Guides and Policy Wording

The member guides are reference booklets for you to find information pertinent to your plan quickly and conveniently.

VAT Information

VAT applies to goods and services in the UAE as of January 1, 2018. It is fixed at 5%.

Daman Published Rates

The 'Daman Published Rates' document lists prices as applicable for covered health services availed in non-network providers.

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