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Obstetric Ultrasound Coverage

Effective from April 1, 2019, Daman will cover up to a maximum of three (3) procedures within all three (3) trimesters of your pregnancy, with one (1) procedure performed per single trimester as long as the ultrasound procedure is part of your maternity benefits in your insurance policy. Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits as part of your Daman insurance plan, which you can find in your MyDaman.

Continue reading below for the frequent asked questions around Obstetric Ultrasounds.

Daman will cover one ultrasound per trimester if part of maternity benefits as per SOB. Quick bedside ultrasounds conducted by the doctor are considered as part of the consultation and are not counted as part of the 3 thorough procedures described above. It is the doctor’s decision to perform a quick ultrasound as part of the consultation.

As per international medical best practice, three ultrasounds (1 per trimester) are fully sufficient during normal pregnancy:

  • 1st trimester (0-14 weeks): confirm viable pregnancy inside the uterus, estimate the age of gestation with/without Down’s syndrome screening
  • 2nd trimester (14-28 weeks): detailed scan of fetal anatomy
  • 3rd trimester (28-42 weeks): fetal growth surveillance, follow-up known problem with the placenta, preparation for delivery

Yes. In case the member is pregnant two times a year, for each pregnancy up to three ultrasounds are possible.

Multiple gestations will usually require extra care compared to singleton pregnancies. Your doctor may decide whether an additional ultrasound procedure is required and request for it.

Yes, the member's health and the safety of the baby come first. Daman will cover obstetric ultrasounds for proven emergencies.

Proven high-risk pregnancies may be permitted more than one ultrasound per trimester. Daman’s Authorisation team will evaluate the case requested by your attending physician and allow for an additional scan, if medically necessary.

No. The member shall share the previous ultrasound result with the new obstetrician.