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Ziyarah - Hello UAE FAQ

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to gain clarity on coverage, claims, and everything in between.

Am I eligible to purchase Ziyarah plan?

Anyone who is planning to visit any Emirate in the UAE on a visit visa is eligible to purchase Ziyarah plans.

What coverage does Ziyarah plan offer?

Ziyarah plan offers coverage for emergency inpatient medical conditions only.

Can I buy the insurance if I am already inside the UAE?

Yes, a visitor can buy Ziyarah if he is already in the country.

I am applying for UAE Golden Visa, which requires me to submit a 6 month travel insurance plan. Can I purchase the 190 days plan for Golden Visa application?

Yes, 190 days coverage plan is applicable for Golden Visa application.

Can I renew my Ziyarah plan after the expiry date?

No, you will need to buy a new Ziyarah plan.

Does the plan cover Covid-19 treatment?

Yes, Emergency hospitalization treatment for Covid-19 is covered.

What are the medical services covered for COVID-19 treatment?

Emergency hospitalization and in-patient treatment are covered under your plan. Following services are excluded:

  1. Cases not requiring hospitalization
  2. Quarantine
  3. Any outpatient treatment and outpatient pharmaceuticals
  4. All types of testing related to Covid-19

Are pre-existing conditions covered under my Ziyarah plan?

Coverage for pre-existing conditions is limited to medical emergency only. Any further treatment after your condition is stabilized is not covered in case of pre-existing condition.

Am I eligible for a premium & VAT refund in case I cancel my policy?

There is no premium and VAT refund under this plan.

I do not have a credit card; can I pay in cash? How?

Yes, please approach the nearest Daman Branch for assistance.

I do not have a UAE bank account, can claims payment be made to my account abroad?

Yes, you can have your claims paid amount transferred to an international bank account. 

How can I have my medical emergency claims reimbursed and how long will it take?

You can file your claim through email travel.claims@damanhealth.ae and in Daman’s branches service or points.

The following are the required documents:

  1. Original claim form
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Proof of travel (boarding pass, flight tickets etc.)
  4. Original itemized invoice with service date
  5. Original prescription for medication

How much time do I have to submit my claims after the treatment is done?

We aim to make your claim reimbursement process as seamless and easy as possible. That’s why, if your claims fall below AED 15,000, you can file your claim by sending an email to travel.claims@damanhealth.ae or by visiting a Daman branch near you. However, if your claim is AED 15,000 or higher, you will be required to file it at one of our branches.

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