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Daman Local Heroes

"Celebrating our community – Everyday people changing the lives of others! Daman Local Heroes is a movement in the UAE celebrating passionate, inspiring, everyday people who share their love of physical activity with their community.

Through a schedule of physical activity and fitness sessions run by our Daman Local Heroes, we want to ensure everyone has access to free, fun and educational sessions. Our mission is to embed physical activity and exercise as a part of everyone’s everyday lifestyle, leaving a legacy of a healthier more active generation.

More people, more active, more often!"

Lain Endaak

"In cooperation with the Department Of Health – Abu Dhabi, Daman has launched its Lain Endaak (We’ll Reach You) mobile branch service. The new service allows senior citizens and people of determination to access all the Daman services typically offered in physical and virtual (Hayakom) branches. 

The mobile vehicle visits these customers by appointment to allow them to seamlessly manage their accounts and apply for new services from the comfort of their own homes.

The new service is in line with the directives of the UAE's wise leadership and the vision of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi to provide integrated and inclusive health insurance and care for all members of society. The new service has emerged in tandem with Abu Dhabi’s growing status as an international healthcare hub and a global destination for healthcare providers. "

Hayakom - Virtual Smart Branch

"Daman has launched virtual smart branch services for all of its 2.5 million members, following the successful roll out of the service for our Thiqa members. 

The new digital service provision follows the successful integration of Daman’s first digital smart branch, Hayakom-Thiqa, also a first for the GCC health insurance sector. Launched earlier this year for Daman’s Thiqa members, the virtual branch has operated at a daily 100% capacity since launch. 

Daman members now have access to all the services offered by a physical in-branch visit, but with the convenience of an online virtual branch. Through booking advanced appointments on Daman’s website with a customer service representative, members can make use of this new service as part of the wider suite of technological solutions that Daman offers to its members."

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