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About the Thiqa Programme

The Thiqa programme is a comprehensive healthcare programme offered by the Government of Abu Dhabi to UAE Nationals and those of similar status in the Emirate. Thiqa has been managed by Daman — the leading health insurance provider in the country — since 2008.

Thiqa Programme Benefits and Eligibility

The Thiqa Programme offers a broad range of benefits for the members to suit their health needs. Below you can find more information on these benefits and respective eligibility criteria.

Thiqa Programme Registration and Management

"There are three channels to access the Thiqa Programme services provided by Daman:

  • Online services on or Thiqa app
  • Hayakom – Thiqa Smart Branch
  • Our branches"
More Services

Find out more about other health insurance services for UAE Nationals to ensure their low-income household members. As well as, emergency travel insurance Musafer to help UAE Nationals abroad, offered from the government

Download Thiqa App
Download the Thiqa mobile app to manage your policy, understand your health programme benefits, search for network hospitals and clinics, download Thiqa digital card, submit claims, and much more. Enjoy easy and safe access to online services like updating your information and documents, renewing your policy, enrolling new family members to Thiqa directly from your smartphone