About us

Activelife is a health and wellness initiative with a difference; developed by Daman initially to offer specific benefits and discounts to existing members, it has rapidly taken on a momentum of its own; growing into a movement that aims to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of the nation.


With a portfolio of associated high-profile events such as TrainYAS, GoYAS and The Color Run, Activelife engages the community at large and tackles issues such as obesity, diabetes and breast cancer head-on, while our  get active! and healthy living pages detail things to do and places to go that reinforce our message.


We have a three-pillar set of goals that we aim to achieve, made up of awareness, action and self-improvement.


Awareness: Activelife aspires to raising awareness levels in the community, highlighting issues relevant to the social structures we nurture and support. We do this by educating and informing, with stands at sporting and community events and tactical deployment of informative health and activity articles in our stable of online media channels.


Action: we encourage people to take action and make the changes they desire, holding regular sporting events like TrainYAS where people can get active and achieve their fitness goals in a state-of-the-art setting. For more information on events please visit our facebook page.


Self-improvement: arming you with the knowledge and providing the means required to take the plunge, we believe that with knowledge and capability comes self-improvement, whether health- or fitness-related.