Enhanced Sahtak upgrade plans

Changes to health insurance in Abu Dhabi has required the implementation of a standardized health insurance policy for employees working within the government and semi government entities across the Emirate. Enhanced Sahtak is a basic group policy that has been developed by Daman and issued to you by your company. This plan offers an annual benefit limit of AED 500,000 and can be used at providers included in the UAE network and your home country.

An Upgrade Plan (UG) by Daman, is an policy issued to individuals that tops-up the standard benefits of the Enhanced Sahtak group policy issued by your company. An upgrade plan can increase the total sum insured (once the existing sum has been expended), add a new geography or a new network to the existing Sahtak group policy you already have (please see your Sahtak Schedule of Benefits for details).

You can top-up within 30 days from issuance of your group policy with additional coverage and benefits that fit your lifestyle. There are four upgrades to choose from: Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond. Here are some useful questions to guide you in choosing your upgrade:

  1. Do you and your wife have different passports, and wish to have the option of elective treatment in the same country? – Look for Diamond upgrade to include the US and Canada, or look for Sapphire for UK, Germany and the rest of Europe.
  2. Do you own property in a country that is not your home country (i.e. a holiday or time-share property), which you visit regularly? – Look for Sapphire upgrade if you regularly visit Italy, UK, Germany and the rest of Europe, or Diamond if you visit the US or Canada.
  3. Do you currently have a lifestyle disease like hypertension or diabetes and wish to waive co-payments on regular expensive medication – look for Diamond upgrade.
  4. Are you currently being treated in Dubai or the Northern Emirates and wish to continue treatment with your current provider? – Look for Sapphire upgrade.
  5. Are you 21-35 years old, fit and healthy, but regularly travel on holiday from the UAE? – Look for Topaz upgrade.
  6. Is my home country expensive for private healthcare. How can I double my sum insured? Look for Topaz.