Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
General FAQ's
1 Who is Daman?
2 Why choose Daman?
3 Why has insurance replaced the health card?
4 Who is responsible for providing the insurance?
5 Where can I apply for insurance?
6 How do I contact Daman?
7 Where can I provide my feedback?
8 What plans are offered by Daman?
9 When do I need to renew my card?
10 Who is eligible for Abu Dhabi Plan?
11 What documents do I need to submit for the Basic Plan?
12 Is Daman’s services limited to only Group products?
13 Who is eligible for the enhanced plans? What is the premium of each plan?
14 What do the following abbreviations on my Health Insurance Card mean?
15 What do I do in case I lose my card? How can I get a replacement card?
16 How do I rectify errors in the information on my Health Insurance card?
17 What is the turnaround time for authorization if required?
18 Where can I submit my claim for reimbursement?
19 When should I submit my claims?
20 How can I collect my money for direct reimbursement?
21 How do I use my Health Insurance Card?
22 How do I know what my policy covers?
23 Which hospitals are included in Daman’s network ?
24 Can I visit a non-network provider?
25 I would like to receive more information about the products. Who should I contact?
26 If an individual is covered with his employer along with 3 children, can Daman cover additional children (+3)?
27 Are pre-existing conditions covered for individuals and small groups (less than 10 employees)?
28 Does Daman cover new born babies from day one?
29 Does Daman cover dental treatment?
Coverage Information FAQ's
30 Where can I view Daman adjudication rules?
31 Can Daman adjudication rules be used as treatment guidelines?
32 How can I clarify any queries related to the adjudication rules?
33 How often will the adjudication rules be published on the portal?
34 What will be the effective date of the adjudication rules?
Type 2 Diabetes FAQ's
35 What is type 2 diabetes?
36 What is prediabetes?
37 What causes type 2 diabetes?
38 What are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes?
39 What are the risk factors for type 2 diabetes?
40 What are the measures to prevent and lower the risk factors?
41 What are the common treatment measures followed to prevent complications?