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The advantages of being a member

It’s not just about making life more convenient, but also, more enriching.  With many online services and community initiatives, Daman is making a positive difference to the lives of people in the UAE.

1Get started and register for online services

Our online services are designed to help you manage your insurance from the comfort of your home. You can register here or download our app.

Use a digital insurance card – no more plastic cards to carry

View the benefits of your plan – stay informed at all times

Search for a hospital or clinic – easily find a doctor near you

Submit claims – no need to leave your home

Get in touch with a doctor – telemedicine service by professionals

2Stay healthy

We are passionate about health. Under our ActiveLife by Daman initiative, we engage 250,000+ people in over 250 health and fitness events across the UAE every year. Join us to get active and healthy. 

Click here to see our ActiveLife events

Daman’s mHealth suite of mobile apps for pregnancy, weight loss and diabetes are designed to make living with your condition more comfortable. We are with you on your journey to health and wellness.

Click here to visit mHealth website

3In case you don't feel well

When you don't feel well, here is what you can do:

Consult a doctor over the phone +971 2 502 9999 

Find a hospital or clinic near you

At the clinic, present your digital insurance card

Afterwards, focus on getting well. We will do the rest

Expert medical advice - get a second medical opinion

4In case you don’t feel well while abroad

When you don't feel well while abroad, here is what you can do:

In life-threatening situations, please call the local emergency number for the country you are visiting.

In non-life threatening emergencies while abroad,

please call us on +9712 4184888

In case of planned treatments, email us on

5How can we help you?

You can call us, ask us a question via social media, send us an e-mail or visit us at one of our branches. We are happy to help you.

Our mobile app is evolving
Download our app to get access to your health insurance benefits, track your pre-approval requests, submit claims, get tele-consultation and much more.
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