Prevention rather than cure

We have always worked by the adage "prevention is better than cure". Fostering a preventative approach rather than a curative one means having a range of programmes in place designed to bring awareness and self-action into play - inspiring and empowering to improve health and quality of life.

ActiveLife by Daman

A platform  to get communities moving, offering opportunities to actively get fit though our weekly events at Yas Marina Circuit, Dubai Autodrome and other iconic locations such as Zayed Stadium. StartYAS, TrainYAS, GoYAS (for females and children only) TrainZSC, iTrainSaturdays and TrainDubai have become the activities of choice to exercise and socialise for hundreds of thousands of like-minded, health-aware people. ActiveLife also puts on events that give your employees aspirational goals. International, world-class events like TriYas, Zayed Sports City 5 & 10km runs, and the Abu Dhabi Swimming Festival will give your employees a reason to train each week. ActiveLife also sponsors untimed, fun, family-themed events such as The Color Run and Get Driver Fit, which will inspire your employees to take their first step towards a healthier lifestyle. In 2013 ActiveLife launched with just 26 participants. In 2016 half a million attended our events.

Disease Management

Our Disease Management programme (DMP) that is the largest in the region with over 5,700 patients enrolled. A team of qualified coaches assists patients with their conditions to lead as close to a normal life as possible.

Corporate Health and Wellness

Daman has also recently developed a corporate health and wellness platform aimed at giving members the choice of activity they most like to take part in. The product is supported by a technology platform that brings health screening together with physical and well-being interventions.