We protect your investment

Daman works with industry players to safeguard your investment in healthcare coverage.

big data

We have a genuine interest in seeing people get healthier. With our big data capabilities, we are able to identify emerging trends before they have significant impacts. This makes us the "go-to" people for key stakeholders.

Rule Engine

We take innovation seriously. (We even have a Chief Innovation Officer). Our rule engine is innovation defined - a proprietary, 2-million-logic-rule piece of software wizardry that manages our claims processing. It protects your health insurance contribution by identifying duplicate or incorrectly-coded claims.

Cost Containment

Our dedicated Medical Strategy team works behind the scenes to reduce wastage in our network of partner hospitals and clinics. Other departments identify and provide strategic support to industry players to control medical inflationary factors. Daman contributes hugely to the number of cases before the authorities concerning healthcare litigation.

Scale to Negotiate

We use our scale to your advantage. Being the largest insurance payer in Abu Dhabi and no. 3 in Dubai, we are able to use our scale to negotiate the best terms and rates from our network providers giving you better providers at lower rates.