Holistic management of your health budget

We deliver health insurance solutions that empower the HR function without increasing administrative burden, allowing them to manage costs more effectively.

As we are passionate about making companies healthier, we have put together a suite of tools to help you proactively manage your health budget, which is typically the second-largest cost companies have to bear. 

With factors like medical inflation and lifestyle disease rates putting healthcare budgets under increasing pressure, it is vital that you become the champion of your organisation’s health.

To make it easier for you to address your workforce’s health concerns, we provide:

  • Insights: reports about insurance and healthcare usage
  • Awareness: tools to engage employees and increase awareness around health and wellness
  • Action: platforms to get active and reverse the effects of lifestyle diseases

For organisations with more than 250 people covered by us, we can offer detailed reports that explain insurance usage and identify the health conditions that affect them.


We created an HR health communications portal that allows the creation and distribution of health campaigns with a few clicks of a mouse, decreasing HR workloads, managing employee health awareness, and offering a calendar of shareable fitness events to increase productivity and engagement.

HealthGuardian has won 2 prestigious innovation awards, has been used to educate tens of thousands of people on health and wellness, and is free for Daman clients. Click here to register.


Daman’s ActiveLife: a platform to help people get fit, healthy and active. As part of our calendar of 320 annual events, ActiveLife has regular weekly exercise events like TrainYAS, GoYAS, and TrainDubai, in addition to events like the Color Run and TriYAS. Since 2013, over 1 million people have participated in Daman’s ActiveLife events. Click here to know more.

Corporate health and wellness (CHW): we recently developed a holistic corporate health and wellness platform that gives your employees the opportunity to make positive lifestyle choices through a range of over 100 activities. These are supported by health screening with wellness interventions across a wide health and fitness network. Our programme, which can also be tailored for your needs, takes the administrative burden out of delivering one in your workplace, making it easier than ever to meet your CHW goals.

mHealth: To support Daman’s Community Health team, we are also rolling out 3 mobile health apps under the umbrella of the mHealth programme. Femisphere helps pregnant women take care of their health during pregnancy, Oviva offers a personal and customised nutrition programme to help weight management and One Drop enables diabetic patients to control their insulin and blood glucose levels. To know more about mHealth’s apps, click here.