Our in-house capability means a seamless experience

Direct billing, prompt authorisations, and the largest network in the UAE and GCC deliver a seamless experience to
your members.


Because 99% are for claims that occur inside the UAE and GCC, we have built our network of 2,200 direct billing providers - the largest in the region. By providing such a comprehensive network of direct providers we have virtually removed the need for reimbursement claims meeting the needs of your members – quality care delivered in a cashless way. In the 1% of cases where reimbursement ins required, our claims processing unit is in-house and is the largest in the region and can deal with specific reimbursement claim enquiries without having to consult units in other countries. Our online claims reimbursement can accommodate claims of up to AED 10,000 (a limit which is 5 times greater than our competitors') and although we promise to have the money in your employee’s account within 15 working days, in all cases we have actually paid within 10 working days.


Although our quality standards dictate that we provide authorisations for procedures like CT or MRI scans in 24 hours or less, in almost all cases this happens within 1 hour. Emergency treatment requires no authorisation at all, and 95% of pharmacy prescriptions are approved virtually immediately.


We have the largest card production facilities in the region, capable of producing 40,000 cards per day. This means even in tight turnaround times, your members get their cards on time.