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Daman Future Champions Programme (DFCP)

DFCP is a unique concept, launched in 2013, and designed by experts in nutrition, sports and communications. It aims to develop promising youth sporting talent into the leaders of tomorrow. DFCP is invitation-only, fully funded by Daman, and invitees can range in age from 12-16. Almost all sports are covered, from karting to football and golf.

Recommendations come to us from PE teachers and sport club coaches. The life skills taught through DFCP integrate nutrition, physical technique, sportsmanship, and media training, giving participants the know-how needed to help them on and off the playing field.

The platform is designed around a core set of 3 pillars to encourage a role-model approach that means participants will deliver a message of health, learned in DFCP's nutrition training, confidence gained by interview practice sessions, and capability by mentoring under world-class sporting ambassadors, to the schools they attend.

If you are interested in DFCP, please ask your school to contact

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