Daman art edition 2018

Amal Al Khajah`s art piece is the first out of a series of four serigraphy artworks that she has created exclusively for the DAMAN Art Edition 2018 during her stay at the Art House in Düsseldorf, Germany in April 2018 within the framework of the DAMAN UAE Art Exchange Program 2018. The artwork comes along as a manually produced and limited piece in collector’s quality.

Personal experiences and curiosity for other people’s background and stories play an integral role in Amal`s artistic work. Consequently, places she has visited and outlines of stones she has collected from these places appear quite often in her artworks. Another important element of her artistic work is repetitions (like repeating patterns, lines symbols etc.), which can be found in her paintings, drawings and also installations. In her exclusive series of works Amal is using these repetitions, too, by drawing various symbols, patterns and elements and composes them in a new abstract manner.

About the art piece: EId al fitr

This motif was inspired by a sunset scene amidst the mountains of Khorfakkan that Amal has personally experienced. She was deeply influenced by the unique and magnificent atmosphere of this natural scenery. The artist has chosen a perspective that allows the viewer to take the same position Amal did when she was observing the scenery. The art work was abstracted and the dedicated use of vibrant colours is creating a sense of serenity that is characteristic of the city of Khorfakkan. The work lives on the powerful light colours, carefully selected to bring light to the scenery and on the combination of fine hand drawn lines and elements, that represent the mountains, stones and the desert.

About the artist:  Amal al Khajah 

Amal Al Khajah was born 1990 in Sharjah, UAE, where she currently resides. She studied at Zayed University in Dubai and completed her studies with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2013. She has been awarded the Salama Bint Hamdan Emerging Artist Fellowship in collaboration with Rhode Island School of Design, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2016. Furthermore, she has received several nominations and awards in the past years, e. g. the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award, where she won the 2nd place in Visual Art Category in Dubai.

Amal is part of the “younger generation” of visual artists in the UAE that have received growing recognition over the past years. Her works were shown in several exhibitions in the UAE, for example during the Emirates Fine Art Society Annual Exhibition in the Sharjah Art Museum in 2013, and abroad (e. g. Venice Biennale in 2011 in Italy).

For Amal, her very personal experience is the nucleus of her inspiration and the powerful source from where her artistic work and language derives. She has successfully developed her own and specific artistic language over the past years, using symbols and elements with cultural or historical meaning to create her new, mainly abstract compositions and installations. Wherever she goes, she is collecting one stone and taking it home. Back home, all these stones are lined up on a large shelf marked with the names of the location they have been taken from. In some of Amal`s works, the outline of these stones can be found.

Take a lively tour through Amal’s stay at the Art House Düsseldorf, Germany and see how this lovely art piece has been produced:www.lepsien-art-foundation.com

Year: 2018
Circulation: 150 pieces + 10 e.a.
Paper format: 20 cm x 29 cm
Paper: MultiDesign Original, ivory, 300 g/m2
Technique: Manual Serigraphy, hand printed in the Art House Düsseldorf, Germany
Other: all works hand signed, numbered and dated by the artist