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Uselect Plans For Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

Welcome to an insurance plan that is as flexible and agile as your business. Whether you want to go global with your coverage, splurge on dental or keep it simple, it is up to you. Uselect the benefits that go into every plan, we just give you a wide variety to choose from.  

How do I select the benefits?

We have created modular plans which provide you with options for every benefit. For instance, if you go with Uselect Gold, and you would like to opt in for the dental benefit, you can select the coverage limit of AED 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000 – making Uselect fully customizable to your business.

Your insurance. Your rules.

  • Every module is designed for the convenience of your business, from selecting the territory, annual limit, and network of coverage to dental and optical benefits and many more.
  • You are in control of how much you pay with options like co-insurance
  • Whether you’re looking for local providers or global, all 3 plans come with an optimized provider network and network options.

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Plan Name Uselect Gold DNE
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Uselect Silver DNE
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Uselect Bronze DNE
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Annual benefit limit per person 


1,000,000/ 5,000,000

AED 500,000 / 1,000,000

AED 250,000 / 500,000

Territorial Limit




UAE ext. SEA, ISC and AC for Inpatient treatment only

UAE ext. SEA, ISC and AC for Inpatient treatment only






NAS Comprehensive

NAS General



NAS General

NAS Restricted



NAS Super Restricted

NAS Workers


50% on Actuals

Pre-existing Conditions

Fully Covered.

(For members without continuity of coverage (CoC) in UAE, covered up to AED 250,000.)

Physician Consultation


DNE Visa Holders: 0/20% with OOP AED 25/50 per consultation

Abu Dhabi Visa Holders: AED 0/25/50 per consultation


Private Room

Shared Room

Outpatient Pharmacy


100% covered upto AED 10,000/ Annual Limit

80% Covered upto AED 10,000/ Annual Limit

100% covered upto AED 7,500/ 10,000 / Annual Limit

80% covered upto AED 7,500/ 10,000 / Annual Limit

90% covered upto AED 2,500/5,000/ 7,500

80% covered upto AED 2,500/5,000/ 7,500

      (Restricted to Closed Drug Formulary)


(Options DHA Plans. DOH Plans are covered upto Annual limit)

Annual Limit/ AED 30,000 / AED 25,000

Annual Limit / AED 25,000 / AED 20,000

AED 20,000 / AED 15,000

Dental Module 1


80% AED 2,000/ 3,000 / 5,000

80% AED 2,000/ 3,000 / 5,000

80% AED 1,500 / 2,000

Out-patient Benefits Covered Covered Covered


100% covered upto AED 500

Alternative Medicine

20% copay with AED 3,000

20% copay with AED 2,500

DNE - Basic 20% Copay AED 2500
AUH - Not Covered

Home Nursing post hospitalization

AED 200 per day upto 90 days

AED 200 per day upto 60 days

AED 200 per day upto 15 days

Medical Check up

AED 1,000

AED 500

AED 500

OP Medical Appliances and Equipment

AED 1,000

Not Covered

Not Covered




Not Covered

Other DHA Mandated benefits


If you’re a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) with 11 employees to 150 members, then you qualify for our Uselect health insurance plans.  

  • It is pocket-friendly with co-pay and cost sharing options
  • You can customize your plans by selecting the benefits and the coverage limit for each. These include network, territory, optical, dental and many more.

You can buy a Uselect plan at Daman branches, online through the website and with the help of insurance brokers. You can also reach us through our call center 24/7 on 600-5-32626 or email us at customerinfo@damanhealth.ae and we will ask one of our sales representatives to contact you.

Uselect plans are designed for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) only. Individuals and families can go for any of Daman’s Individual Health Insurance plans here.

There are 3 different plan options under Uselect. Under each plan, you can choose from a variety of module options – from territory and annual limits to network selection, dental & optical coverage and many more.

At the time of application, you can request to add dental and optical benefits. Keep in mind, optical can only be opted if you have opted in for dental.

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered up to annual limit. For members without continuity of coverage (CoC) in the UAE, coverage is up to AED 250,000.

A medical report will only be required for members aged 65 years and above.

Yes, the medical check-up benefit is offered across all Uselect plans.