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User manuals

User manuals are guides for you to understand our online services like online payments, endorsements and enrolment.

Important Information

COVID-19 is changing the way we live and has led to the closure of our branches and service points until further notice. We want to make sure we’re there for you whenever you need, so we are fully available online to assist you.


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Services for Individual Policyholders and Members

We’ve made a list of services you can get through our online platforms so you can enjoy a seamless experience


Service Channel
Service Name Daman Mobile App Daman Website Online Application
Digital card details (card number, policy numbers and etc…)  
Know your benefits details (Schedule of Benefits and General Exclusions)  
Telemedicine (call a Doctor for non-emergency cases)  
Find a Medical Provider (hospital, medical center, pharmacy, and others)  
Submit a claim reimbursement
Track your claim reimbursement  
Track your preapprovals    
Renew Basic Insurance Plan    
Payment services  
Add, delete members or change request  
Buy an insurance plan for new member  
Renew Enhanced Insurance Plan    
Request Insurance Certificate of Continuity (COC)  
Request and renew Aounak Health Insurance Card    
Other Inquiries related to old submissions in the branch    

User Manual

Download the user manual to get a better understanding of our online services like online payments, endorsements and enrolment.


Online Renewal - EN: User manual

Online Renewal - AR: User manual

Online Endorsement: User manual

Online Endorsement AR: User manual

Online Group Registration: User manual

Online payment: User manual