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Manage your health insurance


Our state-of-the-art app gives you access to health insurance features for you and your family, providing a hassle-free experience right at your fingertips. Managing your policy couldn’t be simpler, and with live notifications to update you on our features, you’ll always be in the know.


A digital card within the app so you always have access to your insurance card.

Book a Doctor's

Check availability and book appointments directly through the app, without having to contact the provider.


Access your network and reimbursement claims whenever, wherever.

Schedule of

Understand your list of covered services and benefits.


Check for real-time approval status from the moment the request was sent to us by your medical provider.

Online Basic

You can now easily renew via your MyDaman account.

Download Daman app


thoughts from our members


Dr Blacks

Since I registered I found it user-friendly and very precise...I have to tell as any web app in UAE: here the applications improve the quality of service for real! Good job guys!


Very easy to use and navigate, i dont have to wait to be connected to a laptop or computer to download my benefits, claims or transactions.


Thank you very much Daman for providing us this mobile application. All reimbursement is one click away. I cannot thank you enough for the assistance you’d giving me and the convenience you brought to our lives. More power.

Shekhar Sharma

Great application, but Date of birth entry needs to be simplified. Right now one has to go month by month till you reach your Date of birth, which is very time consuming.


This app makes managing my policy as well as that of my wife and kids essy in a clean and user friendly manner. Submitting claims is so simple and makes us think about the days when claims had to be sent by mail let alone scanning, uploading etc. time saved by using this app makes the whole process

Sharhan Ali

Great app. It will be a good if you add to pre-approval a (show details) button, and it will be fantastic if (download) button added... It's will save time.